What Is The Difference Between Inside Delivery & White Glove Delivery?

White Glove Delivery

It is crucial to provide excellent shipping services when shipping any product. However, it is especially critical when handling high-value items or products that require complex installation.

Shipping is a critical stage. This is where damage can be caused by human error or external factors. Customers want their product delivered in good condition. You have two options for shipping your shipment: inside delivery or white glove shipping. What is the difference between these shipping options? Continue reading to learn more.

White-Glove Service

The white-glove service can be used for special items and products that require extra care during shipping. This service is often used to ship fragile or heavy items that need special care in transit. These items can include furniture, electronic equipment, and luxury goods. The term “white glove” is derived from the fact that staff in luxury industries like retail and hotels wear white gloves. White glove shipping companies usually have skilled staff who can safely install particular products.

Some services that may be offered include:

  • Inspections of the site before and after installation: The site is inspected before, during, and after the installation to ensure safety and reliability.
  • Protective packaging: Because shipment requires special care, packaging made with the correct material is essential to protect the product from damage during shipping.
  • Proper transportation: It is important to protect cargo. To ensure that certain items are shipped in the right way, you will need specific shipping containers.
  • Product assembly and dismantling: Qualified delivery personnel will transport the shipment from the shipping address to where it will be assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The team can move, remove or disassemble an item if it is being replaced.

White-Glove Services: Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

Proper packaging minimizes the chance of your order being damaged in transit.

You won’t have to assemble any shipment that has to be installed because the customer will be assisted by trained personnel.

Fewer Product Returns

You will have fewer product returns if you offer professional dismantling, installation, and packaging services.

Real-time Tracking

White glove services often include tracking to allow you to track where your shipment is at all times, and when it has reached its destination.

Inside Delivery

Inside-delivery delivers freight directly to the doorstep of the customer, regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property. Accessorial service. Inside delivery is ideal for large quantities and sensitive products.

Some services that may be offered could include:

  • Residential inside delivery: To avoid damage or liability from an accident, the carrier will typically leave the shipment on the driveway, porch, or garage.
  • Commercial Inside Delivery: The carrier must leave the shipment at the commercial facility’s entrance. However, the freight may need to be moved to another floor or transported further inside to avoid additional charges. If the entryway is not large enough to accommodate the product, the product won’t be delivered. In addition, if the equipment of the carrier is unsafe, the delivery will also be stopped.

Inside Delivery Benefits

Enhanced Customer Retention

Because customers’ orders are intact when they arrive, inside delivery is more effective at customer retention. Small extra services are also appreciated. Customers will return to you if they receive solid customer service.

Consider your shipping requirements before you decide between white glove delivery or inside delivery. Do your research and read reviews from previous customers. In your decision-making process, customer satisfaction, prompt delivery, and safe arrival are key factors.

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