What are the Air Scrubbers and What Actually They Do?

What are the Air Scrubbers and What Actually They Do

Indoor air quality is a new prevalent topic that many people are focusing more and more of the attention to because of the growing number of reports and studies which have been linked to indoor air quality and the effect this could have on public health. Several distinct types of air devices are designed to be used at a home’s air — if or not to purify the air, clean the air, adding moisture into the atmosphere, taking moisture out of the air. Air purifiers and air humidifiers are among the very well-known air devices that are generally found during a large portion of homes in the USA and several different countries around the globe.

An air conditioner, in particular, is now a go-to atmosphere cleaning machine for homes which may readily be placed in an indoor space to help clean and restore the air quality to optimal conditions — by removing airborne pollutants such as chemicals, chemical odors, toxic odors, particulate matter, and allergens from the air, based on the type of air purifier that is being utilized in the home. However, now a new term is being used with air purifiers, the expression air scrubber that has taken on the same significance and function of that of an air purifier, but is these two different home air apparatus the same thing?

In this article, we are going to talk about what an air scrubber is and what they do when placed inside of an indoor environment, also, to determine the major differences between an air scrubber and an air purifier.

What is An Air Scrubber?

When we think about air filtration in the home, typically our minds will think about an air purifier, as that is the traditional type of air apparatus that’s used primarily to clean the indoor space of your indoor atmosphere. However, have you ever heard of an air scrubber that’s equipped to clean the air inside an indoor environment? Air scrubbers are extremely similar to air purifiers in their purposes, but generally, an air scrubber is classified as a commercial or industrial air cleaner that can effectively work against more severe or larger areas of pollution inside such as construction sites, renovations, projects, and remediation sites. You can buy or get an air scrubber on rental from a trusted and reputed company at the best price.

What Can an Air Scrubber Do?

Air scrubbers ring true to their name, as they will behave as scrubbers to remove and clean the air of a wide variety of airborne pollutants. This type of air device can cover thousands of square feet with a single one air scrubber, which can often make them a more affordable and effective option than other types of air devices. There are two major methods used in air scrubbers; wet and dry scrubbing — which both operate in different ways to wash the air clean in an indoor environment.

A dry scrubbing air scrubber works by sucking on the pollutants and particles using a dry filter to clean the air. The dry filter is usually constructed of a material known as “sorbent” that can effectively eliminate acid out of gas. Whereas a wet air scrubber is among the most versatile and cost-effective methods for air cleansing in industrial and commercial settings. Wet scrubbing functions by sucking the air via a moist pad or filter to trap free-floating contaminants and particulate matter from the air.

Home Air Scrubber vs Commercial Air Scrubber

As we discussed above, air scrubbers are normally used in commercial or industrial settings to aid in a renovation, restoration, or alternative home construction endeavor to remove and clean the atmosphere of pollutants generated from those heavy-duty events. These different kinds of restoration or renovation projects will make a buildup of pollutants from the environment such as dust, asbestos, chemical fumes, and even mold can develop and possibly lead to an unstable indoor air quality atmosphere. Whenever these contaminants are located in the atmosphere, they can hurt indoor air quality and even result in health issues for those that are subjected to this tainted atmosphere.

Air scrubbers can also be used as a house air scrubber as it can clean almost the entire space of the indoor environment. The air scrubber can be installed directly into your HVAC system allowing the air to flow throughout the ductwork and passes through the atmosphere scrubber to be washed — therefore creating an entire house air purification system.

Is an Air Scrubber Necessary?

The requirement of using an air scrubber in your home or another indoor environment will be dependent on a variety of conditions within this space — such as pollutants in the atmosphere, the level of these airborne pollutants, and also the exact projects or remediations that are taking place within this environment. An air scrubber will tug in the contaminated atmosphere in the environment and filter out it through distinct filtered mechanics in the air scrubbing apparatus. This sort of air device has a pre-filter, an optional carbon filter, a primary filter, and a blower that works together to clean out the air.

The pre-filter of an air scrubber is designed to capture the bigger particles that are brought into the device, removing them in the atmosphere to keep up the airflow in this device. This will consequently raise the efficacy of an air scrubber in an indoor area.

The primary filter is the final stage of filtration that works to eliminate the smallest particles from the air. These particles collected from this filter can be as little as 0.3 microns in size — this kind of filter is known as a HEPA filter.

Last, the blower is an essential component of an air scrubber. The blower will pull the air through a filter to blow out clean air.

How Long Should You Run an Air Scrubber?

The duration of time that an air scrubber should be left running in an indoor area can depend on many different factors such as the conditions in the area. The industry guideline recommends that an air scrubber is in the surroundings for 24 to 48 hours to thoroughly scrub the air. These kinds of air devices typically do between 4 to 6 air exchanges per hour that will effectively help in the filtration and cleaning of their airspace. Sometimes, but more than 48 hours will be needed with this machine operating in your atmosphere, therefore it’s best to check with a specialist on their recommendations for how long the air scrubber should operate for in the indoor environment.

How Can Scrubbers Reduce Air Pollution

When it comes to cleaning the atmosphere an air scrubber will be highly effective in removing compounds, chemicals, gases, and toxic pollutants particles in the atmosphere that are accumulated from large projects and renovations. Even though these devices will help with the removal of air pollution, they’re only beneficial during these renovations and remodeling, rather than in the use of a home. These air scrubbers can be pricey ranging from $1500 to $3000 or more. For that, you can also get an air scrubber on rental as per your requirement at the most affordable price. Whereas a house air purifier can accomplish this air pollution removal indoors at a much lower price.

Air Scrubber vs Air Purifier

The differences between an air scrubber vs air purifier are significant with there being lots of different functions and mechanisms used in both air devices. As we discussed before, air scrubbers utilize either wet or dry scrubbing and are valuable for industrial use to eliminate chemicals, gases, and toxic particles. An air purifier, in contrast, is an air filtration apparatus that uses HEPA filtration or other air purification technology to help with allergies and asthma by eliminating allergens, dust, mold spores, and smoke.

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