The Ultimate Guide on How To Ship Fine Art

Ship Fine Art

It is not always easy to ship fine art, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you were know-how. You can safely ship your art to any destination, even if you’re moving to another state or country.

There are usually 2 options for shipping fine art.

  • Send the artwork directly
  • You can hire specialist movers to transport your artwork

How to ship the art yourself

Many people around the globe have had to deal with the problem of shipping fine art safely and effectively for many years. How do you ship artwork safely and ensure it arrives in the same condition you sent it?

It is not a good idea to just put the artwork in shipping crates and send it off. Shipping is a complex process that requires you to consider the impact of shipping on your artwork, as well as other environmental factors like humidity and abrasions. This could cause damage to your artwork.

There are many options for packing, crating, and shipping your artwork. This will ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and securely. These are five things to remember when shipping valuable artworks by yourself.

  • Wrapping and Covering

The first step to packing your artwork safely is to ensure that it is properly wrapped and covered. Take the time to inspect your artwork and note any issues. Wrap each piece with an acid-free cloth. Next, wrap the artwork in a secondary covering of bubble wrap or foam. Finally, wrap it between two sheets of corrugated card. A Glass-strengthening agent is a good choice if you plan to ship glass.

  • Containers

Primarily shipping crates are used to ship artwork. It is crucial to choose the right container for your artwork. There are many options for containers for different types of artwork. You can take into account size, shape, dimensions, and item value.

  • Padding

After you have purchased the appropriate wrapping material and shipping container, ensure you have sufficient padding in the form of either polyurethane closed-cell foam (or polyurethane open-celled foam). You should ensure that your artwork is well protected and that there is little space for movement. If you’re shipping a smaller or less fragile item, fill the box with packing peanuts and place your artwork in the middle.

  • Shipping

It is important to consider the various transit options for your artwork, taking into account its size, weight, and dimension. There are many options for transporting your artwork.

  • Air This option is the fastest. This is a great option to ship your most valuable artwork, as items pass through far fewer hands. Also, it’s more secure.
  • Ground transport is available in many ways. The level of service and packing care required as well as tracking can vary from one carrier to another. Contact your local carrier to find out which ground transport options you have.

Climate: It is necessary to account for the climate conditions, although this will usually depend on the artwork. The shipping company can provide details about the climate control options available.

  • Insurance

It is important to verify the insurance policies of freight carriers if you are shipping fine art by air. If necessary, purchase additional insurance. Items of lesser value can be insured as part of your overall shipping cost.

How to ship your art professionally

You should hire a trustworthy fine-art moving company with a lot of experience and a proven track record.

Fine art shipping services are provided by a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced company that offers custom packing, crating, and transportation. The company’s specialized staff has the knowledge and experience to ensure your fine art arrives at its destination exactly as it was shipped.

Last Thoughts

Protect fine art. It is safer to have an expert fine art shipping company ship your artwork than to do it yourself. But you should not choose any company.

A reliable, trustworthy, and experienced fine art shipping company or white glove delivery service will be the best. You can rest assured that your fine art will arrive in the same condition you shipped it to, which will ensure the security of your investment.

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