The Guideline About Moving Fragile Items/Collections

Moving Fragile Items

Do you fear the thought of having to transport your fragile pottery collection across the country? Do you worry about your grandmother’s china making it to your new house? Do you worry about the safety of your antiques?

It can be difficult to move fragile items, but the long-distance moving companies should not have any problems transporting your valuable possessions. While your house movers will be able to protect your fragile items from being broken, it is worth taking some extra precautions.

Get help packing fragile items

You can move your family by making sure you have everything under control. Professional moves, they know what they are doing when it comes to packing. A professional can help you pack your breakables.

Local movers and long-distance movers don’t need to move everything. You can request assistance with fragile items if you are interested in packing your stuff. During the planning phase, you can talk with your San Antonio movers about the scope of the move.

Moving tips for valuable items

You should not only pack fragile items carefully, but you also need to take care of any items in your collection. Before you consider having a garage sale, ensure that you have checked your items. You can ask your moving company to take special care of your collections by labeling them.

You can take three steps to protect your collection if you are particularly concerned.

  1. See the collection in photos
  2. Get insurance for the collection
  3. Make an inventory list

Learn how to pack fragile items

You don’t need to hire a professional if you want to pack your items. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when packing your items. It is important to use large boxes so that fragile pieces can rest between the edges.

It is important to not use old boxes when packing fragile items. It’s normal for boxes to wear over time. If you are packing fragile items that are also heavy, the boxes mustn’t split or fall apart.

Here are some simple tips for packing fragile pieces

You’ve decided to take on some responsibility. You’ll need to be familiar with the methods they use to pack everything as safely as possible. Start with large glasses and move up to smaller glasses. To give stability to each row of glasses, you might place a piece of cardboard between them.

Framed Art: You can pack small frames of art like plates. Wrap large frames in paper and place them vertically in inboxes.

PlatesThey shouldn’t be packed in a single horizontal stack. You should pack them vertically, and wrap each one with bubble wrap. Be sure to not stuff the box too much.

These oddly shaped pieces: You can wrap a decorative piece in bubble wrap, but not in layers if it is too large to fit into a box. The cardboard added support will reduce the likelihood of the unusual shape leading to breakage.

Always securely tape the bottoms of your boxes before you begin packing your items. Plastic packing crates should be sealed to prevent cracks. Before you load your items, it is important to cover the bottom of your boxes with packing material. This provides an extra cushion and protects your items from damage caused by friction between the boxes and them. After you have created a layer of padding, it’s time to start packing your items. You should pack your items snugly but not so tight that it is difficult to take them out.

No matter what type of collection you are moving, padding is vital. You may be able to find special-sized sleeves or wraps for your items in moving kits. Bubble wrap, foam sheets, or foam peanuts can be used to protect your items if you are unable to find the right packing materials for your collection. If your items are sensitive to acid, look for acid-free tissue paper to wrap items. You can wrap your collectibles first in tissue paper, then wrap them in bubble wrap or another padding.

As you put your items in their boxes, it’s a smart idea to make a detailed inventory. Each box should be numbered and the names of all the items in each one must be noted on a master listing. If you wish, you can attach a copy to each box’s outside. You should also keep a copy of this list in a separate folder with any other moving-related documents. This will allow you to quickly locate items you need and communicate with your mover when you have concerns about missing items.

Tape your boxes to ensure they are securely sealed. A label should be attached to each box’s top and one side. You should indicate the contents of the box on the label using generic words. This will help you avoid attracting thieves to the box.

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