Save Money With Scratch & Dent Restaurant Equipment

Scratch & Dent Restaurant Equipment

Bang! Bang! These are some of the unpleasant sounds that can sometimes be heard when a large amount of restaurant equipment is being shipped. We do everything we can to make sure your commercial restaurant equipment arrives at your home safely when you order it from us. Accidents happen and sometimes the journey between the store and your restaurant is dangerous. This can cause damage from dents to scratches and other issues.

To ensure that there is no damage, we always ask customers to inspect the item prior to signing for the shipment. The customer should inspect the shipment and notarize any damage on the bill. The return freight for a shipment refused is who pays? The freight company would cover the return shipping costs if the merchandise was not received by the carrier. Once you refuse the delivery because of damage, there is nothing that the customer can do.

What happens to damaged restaurant equipment after it’s returned

The answer in these cases is no. After receiving the returned unit, one of our team members checks it for any damage and tests it thoroughly to ensure it is still working properly. Once the unit has been inspected and verified that it is usable, we transfer it to our inventory of scratch-and-dent restaurant equipment.

What is Scratch and Dent Restaurant Equipment, you ask?

A term that describes any piece of equipment or appliance that isn’t in good condition but can’t be sold is “Scratch and Dent”. We will offer a discount if the product is still in good condition and there are no major cosmetic issues.

You can get great deals on commercial equipment for restaurants that aren’t within your budget by using scratch and dent appliances. The damage to a lot of scratch and dent appliances is not noticeable, either at the bottom or at the back. However, it still works as well as new products.

One thing you should know is that damage can vary from one product to the next. Equipment may appear more damaged than others. Before purchasing any equipment, make sure to consult a product advisor.

What is the difference between Scratch and dent?

What is the difference between scratch, dent, and used restaurant equipment? You will see items marked “refurbished” when you shop our scratch-and-dent list. This means that the equipment was not used extensively. These items were returned due to customer fault or defect. Once our service team has received these returns, they inspect the item and refurbish it so that it can be resold.

The customer returned scratch and dent units before they were used, which is not the case with refurbished restaurant equipment. However, scratch and dent appliances don’t necessarily have a superior quality to their refurbished counterparts. The cosmetic damage can vary from one unit to the next. It doesn’t matter if you choose a scratch-and-dent or refurbished appliance, it is important to remember that we have checked each unit and verified that it is still in good working order.

How to buy scratch and dent appliances

Our restaurant supply store makes it easy to purchase scratch-and-dent equipment. Navigate to our used equipment page. You’ll find the answers to your frequently asked questions as well as a link for our scratch-and-dent list. The list is updated every week and includes images from various angles so that you can see the damage.

After looking through the inventory and deciding on the best restaurant equipment for you, call us. Customers cannot buy items online due to the constant evolution of our scratch and dent inventory. The product consultants can help you navigate the entire appliance-buying process. You will receive information about the exact damage, shipping time, and warranty for the appliance you are interested in.


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