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Luxury Moving Company

Local movers and long distance movers who offer complete premium services are not only for the wealthy and famous. Although most people won’t think about luxury moving when they move out of their parent’s house to their first rental property, there are certain cases where it is worth the extra expense. Delivery Limited’s top moving tips were shared by our experts. Check out their tips below, and make sure to visit the Delivery Limited blog for more storage and moving advice.

Fine Art and Antiques

Luxury moving companies are skilled in handling antiques and art. They can create custom solutions to meet your needs. Their staff is trained and knowledgeable in safe ways to transport, store and crate these valuable items.

Wine Collections

You can likely handle a few bottles if you don’t move a lot. You might consider hiring a professional luxury moving company to handle your fragile bottles. Wine is sensitive to temperature fluctuations and bottles can break easily. Special equipment may be required to protect your collection and keep it at a constant temperature. This service is offered by many luxury moving companies a la carte. You can still protect your wine collection, even if you use a different company to move your other belongings.

High-Rise Buildings

Special skills are required to move into high-rise buildings. It is not easy to safely transport your belongings into your apartment while avoiding any damage to the hallway walls and ceilings. Luxurious movers are aware of this and ensure that their staff is trained and experienced in high-rise moving. Although your new neighbors might not bring apple pie to welcome visitors to their building, they won’t be able to make eye contact with you in the elevator.

Grandparents Clocks and Musical Instruments 

Although it may seem odd, both grandparents’ clocks, as well as musical instruments, are classified in the same category. Both are fragile and often heavy objects that contain many delicate parts. Some fragile parts may need to be taken apart and transported separately. This requires expert disassembly and reassembling. You can move a guitar or harmonica without any problems. However, if you are moving an organ, piano, or collection of instruments, a professional white glove delivery service is a perfect choice.

Full Service

Full-service moving companies can help you if you are moving during a difficult time in your life, either professionally or personally. Luxury movers can help you recreate your home in a new place, down to the last detail, by spending a lot of money. To ensure that your items, such as spices, books, and mounted photos, are preserved, the movers will take photos before packing up your house. You can have custom crates made by a Carpenter. A car service can be arranged to transport you to your new residence. Although it may seem expensive, the benefits of a full-service mover are worth every penny.

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