Know More About the Various Types of Dryer Vent: Vent Cleaning

Types of Dryer Vent

Nearly every home has dryer vents. It is vital to know which dryer vents you have. Failure to clean the dryer and dryer vents accounts for over 30% of dryer-related fires. Do not let your home become another statistic. You should have your dryer vent cleaned. For example, a dryer vent cleaner near you could help improve the safety of your home by removing dust and debris from the vents.

Dryer duct cleaning can be a crucial aspect of home maintenance, but it is often overlooked. Due to the restricted air movement and heat from dryers, lint buildup can lead to a fire. That’s why we offer dryer duct cleaning as a service.

Let’s first look at the basics of dryer vents to better understand the situation. We can then move on to cleaning and maintenance of dryer vents. While two of these are fairly common, one is illegal in some jurisdictions. We’ll still address it.

Different types of dryer vents

There are three basic types of dryer vents that are in use. There are three types of dryer vents: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible dryer vents. This is because of concerns about lint buildup, which can be one of the main causes of fire.

Flexible ducting, which traps lint, is banned in many areas. It can also pose a fire hazard if made from plastic. Flexible ducting made of polyester film, which looks similar to foil wrapped around a wire spiral is allowed in certain areas. However, it presents many of the same dangers as plastic. Semi-rigid, which is commonly made from aluminum, looks like a long tubular accordion. Semi-rigid can bend around small obstructions, trap lint, and slow down airflow because of its folds. Rigid ducting can be made from galvanized steel, aluminum, and is smooth without causing obstructions or catching lint. To get around obstacles or corners, angle joints are required.

Rigid Dryer Vent

A dryer vent, also known as a rigid dryer vent, is a metal pipe or duct that connects with your dryer. These ducts offer little resistance and are smooth. To avoid obstructions, they are often angled. While lint won’t build up as fast, there are still signs when dryer vent cleaning is needed.

In most cases, rigid dryer vents are the best type. These vents aren’t very popular because they must be tailored to each dryer.

Semi-rigid Dryer Vent

Your dryer vent may look like an aluminum accordion. Although it might seem dangerous, the smooth interior does reduce lint buildup. You should be cautious as lint can still build up, just like any dryer vent.

Flexible Dryer Vent

Flexible dryer vents, also known as polyester film or plastic dryer vents, are made of polyester film. They are the most likely to catch fire and should be avoided. You should inspect and, if necessary, clean it by a professional to ensure safety for your family.

Your Dryer Vent

Once you are familiar with the type of dryer vent that you have, it is important to keep an eye out for signs that your dryer vent may need cleaning. This is an area of your house that most people don’t pay much attention to and can pose a danger. It can help prevent fire and prolong dryer life.

What is Vent Cleaning?

Vent cleaning is similar to air duct cleaning. It involves cleaning the dryer vent and ductwork any lint, dirt, or other debris. Then it is returned to a clean state so that air flows freely and there are no fire risks.

  • They prepare the vent dryer. Vent cleaning is not possible unless the dryer (or dryer) has been turned off. The technician prepares his tools, which usually include a variety of brushes that are specifically designed to work with different dryer vent types.
  • They clean the lint screen– The dryer vent or hose must be cleaned thoroughly before any work can be done. We mean completely. The screen is cleaned of all dirt, lint, and other debris so that it looks new.
  • They disengage the tube/duct Next, disconnect the tube/duct at both ends of the dryer and vent. Every hose/duct setup may have different components and include any of the five hoses mentioned above. The technician will ensure that no other vents, wires, or ducts are damaged by the process.
  • They search the vent and the hose. The technician will use the appropriate brush to scrub the vent and vent cover until it is clean. To remove any remaining lint, dust, or debris from the vent cover and hose, they will also use a vacuum to clean them. After they are done, they will assemble the vent/hose, attach it to the dryer, and then test it.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are many dryer vent maintenance tips that you can follow. But the most important thing is to ensure it is clean. It is not enough to just check the dryer vent. Dryer vent cleaning in Arlington can handle any type of dryer vent.

Contact us today to have your dryer vents inspected and have maintenance work done on them. Protect your family and home with our help.


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