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Commercial Refrigeration

Turbo Air

Turbo Air is the right choice if you are in search of new commercial refrigeration. Turbo Air’s commercial freezers and refrigerators are designed to be smaller and more efficient than their competitors. The compressors themselves are the same size.

A refrigerator’s purpose is to move any hot air from inside to outside so food stored inside can remain fresh and safe. It is based on the fact that gases are hotter and colder when they are condensed than when they expand. The coolant, which is initially a liquid, travels through an expansion valve. This causes the buzzing and humming sound you hear. The coolant is then cooled and expanded by the expansion valve, which causes it to become a gas. The coolant then travels inside the refrigerator to absorb heat from the food. The coolant then travels to the condenser. This squeezes the coolant. The coolant then travels through the radiator pipes at the back of the unit. These pipes release hot air. The coolant turns back into a liquid and travels through the expansion valve to start the process all over again. These units have a fan that runs continuously to circulate cold air throughout the cabinet.

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Turbo Air: Why choose Turbo Air? Turbo Air equipment uses energy-efficient technologies to save money and extend the life of your equipment. They have over 80 products qualified under the latest Energy Star guidelines. You could be eligible for rebates from your utility by purchasing Energy Star-rated equipment.

Additional benefits include:

Self-Cleaning Condenser System

Turbo Air units are well-known for their self-cleaning condensers. The condenser’s ability to reduce heat properly is compromised if there is a lot of dust in the area. This can lead to lower efficiency. A rotating brush moves up and down 2 to 3 times per day to clean the condenser. This prevents dust buildup and keeps your unit running smoothly.

Energy Saving Fan Controller

A fan motor is a part of every refrigerator. It circulates cold air throughout the day. When the fan is in use, it generates heat. The fan can circulate warm air even if the compressor is off.

Turbo Air refrigerators come with a fan controller. This is used to stop the fan motor from running if there is a temperature increase within the unit. This can result in energy savings of 15% to 25% and a longer life expectancy for the compressor.

Each cooling unit requires one or more fans to circulate cool air through the cabinet. These fans are funny because although their purpose is to circulate cool air, they can also produce a lot of heat. The internal temperature of the compressor can be increased if the fan(s), or compressor, isn’t in use. Turbo Air has a motor controller that tells the fan not to run if the internal temperature rises.

Larger Condensers

Turbo Air condensers are 10% to 20% larger than the industry standard. They draw heat more efficiently from your condenser coils.

LED Interior Lighting

Turbo Air units feature LED interior lighting that is more efficient and uses optimal light angles to enhance your display effects.

Foam Insulation

Insulation inside the walls and doors of the unit is another factor that keeps cold air out. Turbo Air uses Cyclopentane which doesn’t contain HFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Both CFCs and HFCs are used in polyurethane foam insulation acts and refrigerants. They are known for their high ozone depletion pot (ODP). Turbo Air can guarantee that its foam has zero ODP by eliminating these harmful elements.

Turbo Air is so committed to reducing energy consumption, we cannot even touch on all the ways their machines are Earth-friendly. We talked about some major points, but you can read more about how this company has become an Energy Star Partner right here.

It is encouraging to see that manufacturers care about the environment and are committed to reducing energy waste. Turbo Air’s research and dedication to this cause is something we admire greatly. We can’t wait for their next energy-saving technology.


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