Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant kitchens require different equipment depending on what they prepare, how much they produce, and how many staff they employ. Every kitchen manager must make smart equipment decisions. These are the mistakes that new buyers need to avoid when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment.

Buy More Than You Need

Although it’s tempting to buy the latest gadgets for your kitchen, unnecessary equipment can be costly. Consider the type of food you cook and how your chefs prepare it before making any equipment purchases. Computerized specialty equipment may be cool, but it may also require more training for chefs and may take longer to produce food than traditional methods. A commercial dough cutter is required for a pizzeria or bakery, but a steakhouse may not need one if it buys its bread from the nearby bakery.

Trading Quality For Charge

Commercial kitchen equipment must endure near-constant use. Quality over cost is not an option, even if budgets are tight. Equipment that isn’t well-made will fail more frequently and require more maintenance and repairs. If money is an issue, you should opt for high-quality refurbished equipment still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Failing To Research And Shop Around

You may not find the best brand for your kitchen. Compare the different ranges and mixers and consider factors such as power, materials, and ease of cleaning. Also, be aware of warranties and maintenance options. Make sure to measure the space you have available and that there is enough room for staff.

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

Commercial kitchen equipment consumes a lot of energy. Multi-function ovens, walk-in freezers, refrigerated beverage dispensers, and commercial-grade dishwashers all consume a lot of energy. This can lead to large utility bills and a loss in profits for commercial kitchen operations. Although energy-efficient equipment will cost more upfront, you’ll save money over the long term. When shopping for equipment, make sure to check the energy efficiency rating.

Don’t Inspect Equipment After Delivery

Although it may look fine rolling off the truck, damage can occur during transport. You should inspect the equipment before accepting delivery. Failure to report any damage during shipping can affect your warranty and make it difficult to return the equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment can be a large investment. These are the most common mistakes you should avoid when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment. Do your homework, make sure you understand the warranty, the return and shipping policies, and look at energy efficiency.

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