A Step-by-Step Guide to Move a Desk

Move a Desk

You will have to care for certain objects differently because moving is not an easy process. Glassware, fragile objects, valuable possessions, and furniture are the most common categories. There are many subcategories for furniture. One of these is desks and furniture made from wood. The problem with desks is their weight and bulk. Neglecting to properly care for your desk can cause injury or damage. There are some things you should know about moving large items. If you are planning on moving soon, and need to properly take care of your desk, please read the step-by-step guide that we created on how to move a computer desk.

It doesn’t really matter how big a desk is. All desks need to be treated with care

Make the decision

This list begins with deciding if it is really wise to move the desk.  This is a matter that requires some thought. Is the desk’s value greater than the cost of transport? Particularly because there are so many hidden costs associated with moving, for example, a charge for moving heavy or bulky items. Is it worth the time and effort to move a desk? Or can you buy a new desk for the same price?

We recommend that you dispose of any furniture that is not in good condition, especially if it is expensive.

If the furniture can be replaced, it doesn’t make financial sense to spend a lot. This is a matter that requires careful consideration.

  • The real value is you looking for a desk that is functional, durable, and easy to use?
  • Are you satisfied with the condition of your desk? We don’t recommend spending this much if you will throw it out in a few months.
  • What is the value of the desk in aesthetic terms? Is it sentimental?

If your desk is valuable to you, be extra careful when moving it.

Packing Materials

If you are going to move the desk yourself, you will need some packing materials.

  • blankets couple of protective blankets (blankets) will be needed. However, we recommend thicker ones.
  • Bubble wrap for delicate areas on the desk, you will need several sheets of bubble wrap
  • For packaging paper, you should make sure you have some soft packing paper.
  • tape to fix the blankets, you can use duct tape, packing tape, or some kind of stretch wrap
  • Sliders Furniture sliders are a must-have for moving the desk quickly and easily without damaging the floor. You won’t have to lift or carry the desk if you use sliders.

These small pieces of rubber and plastic are unique to these items. This reduces friction and minimizes damage. Different sliders can be used for different surfaces, depending on their characteristics. Are you looking for hardwood or carpet?

Make sure you get all the necessary packing supplies.

The Packing Steps

Make sure to secure your desk before you proceed with the next steps.

  • Disassembling your Desk

As long as you can, remove every section of the desk without damaging it. This step aims to reduce the desk’s size and lower its weight.

You can take out the drawers and trays from your desk, but you don’t have to empty them all. It all depends on what type of desk you have. Make sure you remove any glass table parts safely. Wrap them tightly to avoid any damage.

Some L-shaped desks can be broken down into two pieces for easier transport. To remove metal parts, we recommend that you use a screwdriver. Keep all of the pieces in a bag.

By disassembling a desk, you will reduce the weight and bulkiness

  • Wrap Desk Element and Pack the Drawers

You will need bubble wrap and packing papers for this step. Wrap the items you’ve removed in wrap paper, then wrap them in bubble wrap and blankets to provide maximum protection.

Do not wrap the desk in bubble wrap as this can cause damage to the edges. Use packing paper instead.

You can wrap the entire drawer in the blanket if the contents aren’t heavy.

We recommend that heavy items are removed from the drawer and packed in separate bags. A plastic bag is sealed with a seal.

Use moving blankets or a quilt to protect your desk

  • Protection

It is necessary to place emphasis on protecting the entire desk. Let’s say you have followed the instructions and steps. If so, Next, cover the mainframe with thick blankets and tape. The tape should not be in direct contact with the table’s surface.


Once you’ve completed the steps for disassembling and packing, it is time to plan how to move it. Gather your friends and make sure to clear your exit route from any obstructions before you begin the actual moving process. Slide the desk as far as possible, then lift it together with your crew. To avoid injuries, be mindful of how you lift them. You should also ensure that you adhere to safety precautions. Moving large items. If the desk is not able to fit through the door, you’ll need to move the door frame. Transport the desk to the vehicle, load it, then unload it.

Professional movers are the best help when moving heavy furniture.

Hiring Professional Help

If you take the time to read this comprehensive guide, you might conclude that moving your desk alone or with your team will cost you a lot of money and time. Some might argue that it is logical. 

Many things could go wrong, including damage to the desk itself, overspending, and, in extreme cases, injuries.

There are many moving companies available that will work for you at an affordable price. Be aware that there are many scammy moving companies out there, which could cause damage to your object.

We recommend that you hire a trusted moving firm like long distance movers in Austin to help with packing, loading, moving, and unpacking the desk.


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