A Quick Guide to Fix Handling Broken Blinds

Fix Handling Broken Blinds

Blinds are among the most versatile window treatments, fulfilling several needs like privacy and light control aside from enabling us to adjust the exterior perspectives as per our taste. The best part about blinds is they may be corrected for sufficient privacy while concurrently allowing in a certain quantity of light throughout the day. At bedtime, they can be closed for complete privacy and to block all incoming light so that you may enjoy a night of deep and restful sleep.

Blinds made from certain materials like wood even offer insulation which results in considerable energy efficiency and cost savings. And they look great too, immediately elevating any distance!

But their charm is easily reversed even if the functionality is off. These window treatments typically function well but sometimes they pose problems such as broken slats, slats tilting to one side, or being trapped in the up or down position. Happily, there are simple fixes for all these problems, so there is no reason to worry! And needless to say, if you’d like help in resolving any obstacle posed by your dividers, Starwood Distributors is only a phone call away.

Starwood Distributors has compiled a manual of some helpful suggestions for resolving some of the most frequently faced challenges with dividers. Let’s get started then!

Guide to Fixing Broken Blinds

A number of the most commonly faced issues with blinds are: broken blinds, blinds that hang drapes, blinds that will not roll up, and many others. Regardless of the type of challenge your blinds are all still posing, here are some easy-breezy solutions:

Broken Slats

Repairing broken blind pliers is relatively easy as one can easily replace the individual slat instead of having to replace the whole window treatment. Follow the actions listed below to replace a slat:

  • First, eliminate the plugs located at the bottom of the railing. After removing the plugs, you’ll be able to observe the knotted elevator cable.
  • Undo the knot of this lift cord and pull the cable out of the front of the blind.
  • Replace the broken slat and then restring the lift cord through each slat from the blind.

Slats Will Not Lower

Blinds can be readily pulled up to allow more light into the room. However, at times, they get trapped, which makes it tricky to lower them. This occurs especially if the blinds are left in the rolled-up position for an extended period. But there’s no reason to worry. This problem can be easily fixed by following the procedure listed below:

  • Hold the lift cords level and gently pull it. This activity should release the blinds’ locking mechanism.
  • If step 1 doesn’t help release the lock, find the pin and attempt to launch it. You can release the pin by pushing it to disengage the locking mechanism on the cord, which can be located in the headrail where the cable runs. Releasing the trap will discharge the blinds, lowering them immediately.

Blinds Will Not Lift

For maximum privacy and room darkening, blinds are often pulled down completely. But sometimes they get trapped and it becomes hard to lift them. This problem especially happens when the blinds are left in the down position for a long duration. But worry not you can call one of the best window treatment installers for your help or it can be easily resolved by following a couple of easy steps calibrated under:

  • Pull back on the ground rail to reactivate the spring.
  • The above action should help reset the spring which helps release the stuck-up blinds and they can be lifted easily.

Slats Won’t Tilt

Sometimes there’s a problem with the slats’ tilting mechanism. This happens when the tilt rod becomes disconnected from the tilt mechanism at the headrail because of managing transit. Follow the following steps to solve this issue:

  • First, eliminate the blind out of the window.
  • Then examine the headrail and try to locate the metal rod that runs the length of the headrail. At this point, you also need to be able to find the tilt mechanism. Gently push the end of the tilted pole back in the area where the tip mechanism is placed. To get a more protected tilt placement, it’s best to push the tip rod through.
  • Finally, you should be able to replace the blind.

Bottom of this Blinds Won’t Hang Evenly

At times the base of the blinds doesn’t hang evenly. This is caused by cords being captured in the headrail. This challenge can be easily handled by doing the following step:

  • Simply raise and lower the shades repeatedly before the bottom hangs evenly.

If you’d like help in solving any challenge posed by your blinds, all you have to do is you’re your regional Starwood Distributors. We’d like to assist you!

Or if your blinds are beyond repair, consider replacing them using brand new window remedies from Starwood Distributors, such as motorized window coverings that are easier to operate. Schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation today to explore our latest offerings in shades, blinds, shutters, and draperies. We bring the showroom to you so you can navigate in the comfort of your home and in accordance with your convenience!

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