A Brief Introduction About Motorized Shades & Blinds

Motorized Shades & Blinds

Motorized blinds and shades are a modern, elegant window treatment solution for windows you can’t reach nicely or ones you’d like to have the ability to control collectively rather than launching each window individually. Motorized window treatments come in several different styles and types.

Shades vs. Blinds

Motorized window treatments come in two main styles — shades and blinds. Shades have a motorized lift motor that allows you to raise and lower the whole window treatment. Blinds have flat bits known as slats or vanes and use a motorized tilt engine to tilt the slats open and closed.

Some window treatments have slats that function as dividers and allow users to raise and lower them just like a traditional shade. We as Starwood Distributors provide the best quality and customize Motorized Shades in Dallas at the most affordable price.


Motorized blinds and shades come in a broad variety of styles, so if you want to update to motorized window treatments you’ll most likely be able to find something which matches your particular style and your current decor.

Cellular shades are shaped just like a honeycomb. They offer you a contemporary look and are among the less expensive choices. Pleated shades are just another budget-friendly option that adds interest to windows with the folded design.

If you’d like a more traditional appearance, consider Roman shades. Roman shades are made from fabric that folds up equally when the shade is up and produces a streamlined, smooth look when the color is down. Roller shades are another classic, easy alternative that comes in several different fabric textures, colors, and patterns.

Blinds are a good choice for rooms where you want to be able to allow some light in without completely sacrificing privacy or shade. Motorized blinds usually have pliers made of wood, faux wood, or aluminum.

Motor Types

You can select from several different motor types when you decide to install motorized shades or blinds in your home.

  • Battery-Powered

Battery-powered blinds are among the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing choices. The window treatment is attached to a tube on top with a battery pack and engine over it to electricity the blinds or shade.

Battery-powered shades are great options for windows that don’t have a local outlet. The biggest drawback to battery-powered blinds and shades is battery replacement. Should you use lithium batteries instead of regular alkaline AAs, you will be able to go longer between battery changes.

  • Hardwired

Hardwired blinds and shades cost less energy than battery-powered treatments do, but they must be installed on windows that are near a socket. Installing most forms of hardwired motorized shades or blinds is not a DIY job — you will probably require an electrician, but when the window coverings have been set up you won’t have to do any maintenance to keep them powered.

  • DCPower Adapter

If you would like to use electricity to power your blinds but do not want to or can’t elect for hardwired blinds, consider purchasing a unit that has a DC power adapter. Window treatments that use a DC power adapter plug into a socket and connect to the lift or tilt mechanism and also the engine using a cable. Hiding the cable is the biggest downside of DC adapter blinds.

  • Solar-Powered

Solar-powered motorized blinds and shades are an environmentally friendly way to upgrade to motorized window coverings. You’ll have a tiny solar panel that connects to the motor near the peak of the blinds or shade that converts sunlight into a power supply for your engine.

Control Options

One of the biggest benefits of motorized window treatments is how easy and convenient they are to use. You can decide on the type of control that works best for your lifestyle and the design of your home.

Many motorized blinds and shades come with a physical remote you can use to raise and tilt or lower your window treatments. Another popular alternative for controlling your blinds and shades is to use a program. Many motorized window treatment companies offer mobile apps for phones and tablets.

Many people opt for wall control in a convenient location in their houses or connect the motorized blinds or shades to a timer.

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